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       -        قابل توجه اساتید، صنعتگران، مدیران، دانشجویان و اعضای محترم جامعه داروسازی , پزشکی کشور
Oral & Poster presentation guidelines شیوه ارائه سخنرانی و پوستر

Guidelines for oral presentations:

Accepted abstracts must be prepared as PowerPoint file and oral presentation must be 7 minutes long.

Poster registration regulations and rules:

Since a considerable number of research works in different area of science in second seminar on pharmacoeconomics and pharmacy management are in forms of poster and according to the importance of this presentation, all colleagues who their submitted abstract is accepted as poster presentation, will get certificates for both attendance and presentation.

Moreover, awards will be presented to those who have the best posters. Therefore it is expected to observe the following points:

A) Guidelines for poster presentation:

All posters must be printed at the size of 50 ×70 cm and should be formatted in vertical format. Margin must be at least 2 cm on all sides.

Keep text to a minimum (less is more principle) and don’t over fill your poster with text. Lots of pictures, graphs, tables and figures are preferable. Posters must have the title at the top of it. Posters must be read at a distance of 5.6 meters easily. Authors names should be in a slightly smaller font size under the title and the name of organization/university must be written in the lower line.


The language of the poster is optional and Persian and English presentation is acceptable.

Posters must be consist of title, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusion.

Title: this part is consist of the abstract title, name of authors, research organizations and cities.

It should be written in brief and consist of 10 words. Authors first name should be mentioned. Title must be read at a distance of 5-6 meters. Title font size must be 80-70 and should be typed in verdana,Arial, Helvetica font, capitals and bold. Names of authors and research organization must be in size of 40-50. (use capital letters and lowercase letters).

Title content like introduction and objects, material and methods, results and discussion and conclusion must be in font size of 30-35 and with capital letters. You can use numbers for the order of the content.

Abstract: abstract must be the submitted accepted abstract. Abstract text must be read at the distance of 2 meters. Margin must be at least 2 cm. abstract must be in font of 18-24 with capital letters and lowercase letters. Line spacing must be 1.5. English text write in arial font.

Introduction: research questions and hypothesis can be expressed in sentences and phrases.

Material and methods: in this part, population, sample size, sampling, interventions, tools, variables and methods of analysis can be mentioned.

     Results: answer of research questions are expressed in this section. Unnecessary details should be avoided.

    Discussion and conclusion: many people begin to study from this part and the last paragraph has an important role in continuing of study. It must be mentioned that methods of research also written briefly.

Tables and figures: pictures help to better understanding. 20% text, 60% graphic pictures and 20% empty space is ideal. Empty space will highlight the written context. Picture dimensions should not be smaller than 12 × 18 cm. it means that they should be read at a distance of 1.5 meters.

B)  Poster presentation program:

1.     Because there are lots of accepted posters, each poster will be presented once according to the specified schedule.

2.     You should register for the poster presentation and for publishing in the final seminar book.

3.     You should find your poster presentation schedule and remember it.

4.     Please refer to the specified registering booth thirty minutes before the presentation time on the definite day. In order to determine your poster presentation hall, have your poster codes along on that day.

5.     Mount your poster exactly in the place which is considered for you.

6.     Special hours of the seminar program are considered to public visitation and poster presentation and any speeches will not be held in that time. Poster presenters are required to be beside their poster.

C)  Poster judging:

Referees evaluate posters directly every day. Posters judging criteria include research subject, research abstract writing, poster designing qualification and the presentation method of posters.

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  - قابل توجه اساتید، صنعتگران، مدیران، دانشجویان و اعضای محترم جامعه داروسازی , پزشکی کشور

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